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  • Author : Tein Wan
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  • Language : English
  • Number of Pages : 148

This study explores how small and micro-enterprise contributes to the economic em- powerment of internally displaced women in Kachin State, Myanmar. It focuses on how women’s income generation can lead to increased control over their own resources and profit, as well as the power to define and make their own choices over household de- cisions and within the community. However, while women’s enterprise activities and income increased, they were still responsible for reproductive work in the household, in addition to productive and camp-based roles—the so-called triple burden. This study provides one piece of evidence that women’s microenterprises, the generation of wom- en's own income, and increased decision-making power in the household do not nec- essarily translate into stronger leadership roles for women within the community or a change in the gendered division of labor.

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