CDSSEA 03 Access to and Usage of Clean Water in Peri-urban Vietnam
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  • Author : Thi Huyen Cham Nguyen
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CDSSEA 03 Access to and Usage of Clean Water in Peri-Urban Vietnam: A Case Study of Gia Lam District, Hanoi Author: Thi Huyen Cham Nguyen It is widely acknowledged that water plays a critical role in sustainable development and poverty reduction. Most countries have set high water quality standards and so did Vietnam. However, findings on access to clean water in peri-urban areas have not been so encouraging. In this document Mrs. Nguyễn, born and raised in Gia Lam district—a peri-urban region in Hanoi—offers insights into the access to clean water and its use by local residents in her district. She frames the lack of water quality, the inequality in access and how both relate to a failing water governance. Her research shows that residents with access to both piped supply and drill wells still rely more on drill wells and this for several reasons. Part of the solution, she states, are clear mandates, in particular issued to the district government, improved coordination between all stakeholders, accountability on every level, community participation and awareness of the impact of clean water on our health. The author concludes with some strong recommendations for the ministries, related agencies, the district government, the private sector (water suppliers) and local residents.

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CDSSEA 03 Access to and Usage of Clean Water in Peri-urban Vietnam Ebook


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